Workouts for Week of July 1st

The month of July is about trust. The ivy entwined around our crest represents the bonds we create with our teammates: how they keep us together, challenge us to grow, and hold us up.

2 SNPP + 2 OHSQ 6x1 on a 2:00 INT
Focus on locking out press quickly and practice a safe return of the bar to the traps and not the cervical vertebrae.

21-15-9 (scale with 15-9-6)
GTO (115/83 lbs)
You will work for 6 minutes – if you finish your rep scheme, do additional sets with the reps from the last set (6 or 9). Do your best to attempt UB sets and only rest in-between UB sets.

Rest 3:00

Sprint 5x100m OTM – negative splits.

Weighted Pull Up 3x10 to a 10RM @52, 64, 75% (challenge: 60, 68, 75%)* on a 3:00 INT
*Calculate your 1RM weighted pull up including your body weight + additional weight, then do your percentages off of this total and subtract your body weight to figure out additional weight…or just work up as close as you can to a 10RM on the third set.

FRSQ 6x3 @50, 63, 72, 81, 90, +/-% (challenge: 65, 72, 78, 84, 90, +/-%) on a 2:30 INT
Pendlay Row 3x10 @40, 45, 50% (of Bench) on a 2:00 INT

CONDITIONING – 15 min cutoff
3 Rds, each for time:
50 DU (Rx UB)
20 Burpees
1:00 Rest
Scale down to 3x100 single-unders or up to 3x25 triple-unders

Banded Leg Abduction
Leg Curls
RDLs 3x5 @60, 70, 80% (of CNJK) on a 2:00 INT

EMOTM for 12 min:
2 PSN @65%

CONDITIONING: 12 min Cutoff
1km Row
50 Thrusters (45/35 lbs)
30 Pull Ups

3x10 GHD Sit Ups

Vanguard Gym/CrossFit Manassas will be CLOSED in observance of Independency Day. Happy Fourth of July!

CNJK 4x(3+1) 58, 87, 76, 85% (challenge: 67, 73, 79, 85%) on a 3:00 INT
BN 3x10 to a 10RM @52, 64, 75% (challenge: 60, 68, 75%) on a 3:00 INT

4 Rds:
1:00 Airdyne/Row
1:00 Wall Sit, HS, Hollow Hold, and Rings Support Hold
1:00 Rest

DB Flyes
Banded Front Pull Downs

SN 5x3 @45, 58, 67, 76, 85% (challenge: 60, 67, 73, 79, 85%) on a 2:30 INT
BKSQ 3x10 to a 10RM @52, 64, 75% (challenge: 60, 68, 75%) on a 3:00 INT

AMRAP 4x 2:1
8 Alternating Fr Rack Lunges (105/75 lbs)
8 Lateral Burpee Over Bar
Continue each AMRAP where you left off.

Weighted Dip 3x10 to a 10RM on a 3:00 INT
50 AbMat Situps (Rx’d UB)
3x10 Partner GHRaises
3x15 DB Shrugs

In your first year or more you can come in and PR everyday, as intra and inter neuromuscular adaption, coordination, VO2max, technique, strength, cross-sectional muscle diameter, efficiency, and other factors improve.

Past that point, growth is slower, and in increasingly painful slower increments. Percentage work becomes more critical as you move forward and continue to make increasingly smaller improvements.

Starting Monday, July 1st we will begin our most exacting programming cycle to date. Ratios of “sprint”, “interval”, and “long slow distance” (LSD) training in relation to your traditional conditioning workouts (running, rowing, swimming) and your “metabolic conditioning (MetCons)” are all carefully calculated to maximize your return on time investment.

Percentages based off your goal, projected, or actual competition or gym one rep max (1RM) for all strength and power work are suggested as the most efficient road to hitting your goals.

Please keep in mind that everyone is not exactly the same. There will be percentage schemes that work for you and others that will not. What is suggested for newer and more experienced members is a generalized approach that will be very successful for the vast majority of people. The longer you train, the more specific your training needs to be, so you may need to make adjustments over the years as you reach different plateaus.

Please log all of your workouts on BtWB and track your progress!!