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“CrossFit Manassas has not only opened my eyes to a whole new level of fitness but also guided me through many challenges that I wouldn’t have been able to do while at a regular gym.

At my old gym, I occasionally practiced power cleans, handstand pushups, push presses, and attempted snatches & overhead squats. I would try to incorporate these lifts into my weekly workout plans, but they would quickly fade away from my routines. I kept going back to my old routines of chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms, Monday through Friday. I tried working out with a few guys I met at the gym to change things up, but our schedules didn’t always match, or they weren’t as consistent. I missed the camaraderie I had back when I was in the military.

After moving back to Manassas, VA, starting a new job, and attending a regular gym for eight months, I was getting burnt out of my regular routines and plateauing with my lifts. I was interested in CrossFit but didn’t know much about it. Some of my good friends from college had nothing but good things to say about their CrossFit experiences. I wanted something different; something more; a new challenge.

I attended the intro classes at CrossFit Manassas (CFM) and there was no hesitation, I signed up! Everyone here comes in each day ready to work hard. There’s always a coach on the floor with us making sure we’re practicing good technique and helping each person reach their goals. The programing here no longer allows me to skip things I used to skip when I was creating my own workouts and I noticed so many areas of improvement from my mobility, to my strength within just the first month.

One of my goals was to compete in a Physique Competition. I kept putting it off thinking, I should bulk up more; maybe next year; I’ll do it after I lean out more on my own; I’m too busy with work and school; I don’t have time for the food prep…there was always an excuse. Right after the new year of 2015 started, I said “no more excuses”. Coach Jenny provided me the nutrition plan and was able to incorporate the CrossFit programing into my workouts. Throughout the strenuous 12-week program, my coaches and teammates helped me stay focused. If I told anyone it was easy and I never felt like quitting, I’d be lying. By the end of the 12-week program I felt very successful for having accomplished my goal being up on stage. My success wouldn’t have been possible without the support system at CFM.

The coaching here is phenomenal; they really do care about you. Joining Crossfit Manassas was a great decision and it’s been an amazing experience. The community is amazing, the workouts stay fresh, and the people are friendly. If you want to get results while being surrounded by great, motivated, healthy people, this is the gym for you!”




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