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I started CrossFit almost three years ago. On July 30, 2012, after about a month or so of doing CrossFit, we did the workout named “Helen”. My beyond the whiteboard note from that workout states “Moved down to green band – ouch!!! Goal is to be able to do 12 unassisted pull-ups by my 48th birthday! (Thanks for the inspiration Jamie)” I remember being in total awe of Jamie B. doing pull-ups like a boss! She inspired me and working with the coaches I was able to meet that goal as planned.

Last year, I didn’t have a goal for 49, but on my birthday I decided to try a bar muscle-up on a whim. I was nowhere close, but when some of the younger athletes saw me try, it inspired them to try and lo and behold Ashley discovered that she could do it. Last fall I decided I wanted to do a handstand push-up for my 50th birthday (3/31/15). Working with the great staff at CrossFit Manassas I exceeded that goal by doing three strict handstand push-ups on my 50th birthday (I don’t know how to kip).

Although I have run and lifted weights my entire adult life, it wasn’t until I started CrossFit that I started to see my body transform. I am very literally in the best shape of my life. In May, I did a challenging half marathon that I have done every year since 2008. My time of 2:16:28 was better than my times in 2009-2013, in some cases by more than 20 minutes! And to be clear – I only run 2-3 times a week now compared to 5-6 times a week before CrossFit. I think that is proof of the impact of CrossFit in staving off the effects of aging.
I am often one of the oldest members in class, but I learned about half way through my journey to “stay in my lane” – I don’t deadlift, push or pull sleds, climb ropes, climb walls or crawl around on my knees. That helps me to stay focused on what I can do and celebrate my PRs (personal records) and victories.

When I started in 2012, I was working out with members the same age as my oldest daughter. About a year later, I started seeing friends of my middle son. Just three weeks ago, I saw a classmate of my youngest daughter. But that right there is the beauty of CrossFit – the scaling allows all ages and fitness levels to work out side by side and push themselves to their individual limits.


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