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“I signed up for Thai boxing classes at Vanguard Gym about five years ago. A few weeks into the classes I pulled a hamstring playing soccer so I moved over to CrossFit classes to do some conditioning while my hamstring recovered. I have stayed with CrossFit because I like it and I have come to accept that running away is my strongest fighting move.

CrossFit has exploded since then, and it shows at Vanguard Gym. There are more sorts of equipment, more coaches, more students, more available class times. Each CrossFit affiliate owner adds their own interpretation and coaches Doug and Jenny are no exception. Doug’s martial arts discipline and structure carry over into the gym; and he is especially excellent at the “programming” – calculating specific workout themes and intensities throughout the weeks, months and seasons to maximize performance – and at predicting performance of athletes at almost any level.

Over the past few years my wife and several of our daughters have also been regulars at the gym. It is nice that we can all do the “same” workouts despite a variety of athletic abilities. At 56 my wife and I may be the oldest regulars at the gym. Crossfit has definitely been my Fountain of Middle Age.

In 2012 and 2013 I went back to Ocean City, MD and worked weekends as an OCBP lifeguard, 30 years after I last did so. Even as a young guy I was never a competitive swimmer, but I was again able to gut out the 10 minute open water swim that even some excellent swimmers find disorienting. The 300 meter soft sand sprint in 65 seconds – exactly the required time – nearly killed me, but I did it, passing that and all the required tests.

The second year I knocked 2 minutes off the swim with the help of more swim training and a current, and did the sprint in 60 seconds, only 2 seconds slower than 30 years earlier. I had help from the Running Store team in Gainesville and the Monday night Riptide swim team, but I absolutely would never have passed those tests without CrossFit Manassas.

Like any sport, Crossfit has its own specific injuries. Crossfit pushes for high intensity and high work loads. I keep it safe by keeping tabs on how I’m feeling and limiting all-out effort to one day per week. So my workload on a given day is based not only on the workout but on how much I put into it. The atmosphere at CrossFit Manassas is great. The athletes who crush a workout in 5 minutes realize that the person taking 15 minutes to do the same workout is feeling the same pain, so there is nothing but respect for everyone.

Currently I don’t have any specific fitness goal other than to “stay in shape”. But if all I do is show up and do what I’m told, I will continue to be in better and better shape thanks to all the coaches and teammates that comprise our CrossFit Manassas family. I highly recommend CrossFit Manassas.”


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