Why I Workout at CrossFit Manassas – Carole

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“I’ve been doing CrossFit for over three years now. I’ve learned a lot as I’ve matured with CrossFit during those years. After having two kids and growing tired of training for road races, I needed a change. A friend told me about Crossfit and how much she loved it. And so it began. I started doing CrossFit in a town up in Northern New York where I lived at the time.

My true intent was to physically look better in the shortest amount of time possible. The first two years were great. I was losing weight and hitting PR’s (at least once a month). I even got my first kipping pull-up during that time. Slowly I noticed changes happening; my progress slowed, there was high coaching staff turn over and more than half coming in to coach with less than a year of crossfit experience. It wasn’t about the regular working class athletes but finding elite athletes and focusing their attention on them.

During that time, I was in transition of getting a new job and moving to Virginia. I thought it was also time to leave CrossFit. I joined a glob-o gym (the kind in every city of every state) thinking I could do it myself. Nope, I was wrong. It was boring, the equipment was not crossfit friendly and there was no motivation. I was gaining weight back and frustrated with myself. After four months of attempts and failures at the gym, I knew I had to realign my workout priorities and get back to CrossFit. I realized it wasn’t about physical appearance anymore, I accepted who I am. I needed to find a box where I would be constantly challenged, where I could gain more self-confidence and would be able to learn from caring, experienced coaches.

After settling in Manassas, I researched boxes and CrossFit Manassas (CFM) had great ratings and reviews. I signed up for the three-class trial. I was sold by the third class on so many levels; the coaches were experienced and very knowledgable. They push me when I’m tired and feel like I can’t do anymore. I have learned everything from technique to nutrition. They care about each and every athlete and take their time with them. They each have their own sense of humor which makes class more relaxed and enjoyable. The athletes are welcoming and I really enjoy the partner workouts. Since being at CFM I have challenged and pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and am performing better that I expected in lifting and nutrition. From these results, I feel more confident and in turn am happy with my appearance and am less critical of myself. These key factors are the reason for my success. CFM is my home. CFM is my family.”


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