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“My entire athletic career focused upon competing in subjective sports where what others think of you mattered more than what you think of yourself. As a former gymnast, competitive/collegiate cheerleader, competitive hip hop dancer and later fitness pole dancer, I have been fortunate enough to compete and win at the local, national and even the international level. It was after the preparation for my second European competition when I realized I needed a change.

In subjective sports you can develop a low self esteem, even when competing at the highest level. As an athlete, I was constantly compared to others, whether it was people of a different squad or the athlete that stood next to me. My own goals and accomplishments were often downplayed because another athlete could do more. I found myself in a rough place where I could no longer self-motivate to accomplish an athletic goal.

Finding CrossFit saved me from the life I was leading and introduced me to my biggest competition: myself. I started my journey in England and found a place I could call home. Moving back to America meant I needed to find a new gym. I wanted a place where people motivate and coaches take the time to make sure I was pushing myself. I was looking to recreate the same atmosphere that had given me back my confidence. Lucky me, I found CrossFit Manassas.

I spent two months following the programming while still living in England and even talked to my coaches from my former gym for recommendations. I emailed CrossFit Manassas staff regularly asking questions and was always given a prompt response. As someone who found a love for Olympic and Power lifting, I wanted a place that offered programs where I could excel in these areas. My second day back in the country, I went to CrossFit Manassas to visit. It instantly felt like home. I felt welcomed from the moment I walked into the gym and have not looked back since.

The programming was exactly what I was looking for. Head Coach Douglas builds programming in cycles that continuously peek my interest and all of the coaches are very receptive to helping me reach my goals. I am an athlete that sets several goals through out the year and my coaches help me to prioritize and ensure that the goals I am setting for myself are obtainable. The coaches have even helped me to adapt workouts so that I could prepare for and meet the required standards of physical fitness testing for employment.

It does not matter which class I attend, I am constantly challenged by workout partners who encourage me and refuse to let me give up on myself. Because of the coaching and workout partners, I have pushed past goals and constantly set new ones from lifting PR’s to taking a second off a run or row time. It doesn’t matter how I feel when I walk in, I know I walk out being better than yesterday.”

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