Why I Work Out at CrossFit Manassas – Shawn

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“My CrossFit journey began two years ago. Being a military member and former sworn law enforcement officer I’ve always sought personal fitness. My choice in careers have led to many challenges, and staying healthy and active is one of those challenges. I found myself continuing the fitness practices I had learned from the military, law enforcement and high school sports.
Those practices led me to being in good enough shape to pass any physical fitness tests presented to me. However, I was not satisfied with my conditioning, nor my physique. Being very frustrated with the military fitness programs I sought out a higher fitness regimen and the best coaching.
On a chance I decided to try CrossFit in another affiliate in northern Virginia near my office. I knew no one in CrossFit and knew no one attending that gym. I found a great network of support and coaching that helped me begin the transition. I stayed with that affiliate for a year and saw moderate gains in strength, conditioning, mobility and body composition. My physical fitness score for the military tests began to improve.
After one year the military relocated my work site to Manassas. I immediately began my search for a new gym to call home. With a quick search on the internet I found two strong contenders. I began to look at the workouts posted on their sites and decided which location would be best for me considering price, facility layout and programming for my goals.
Within weeks of starting at CrossFit Manassas I began to see the difference in better programming and coaching versus my previous experience. Strength gains, mobility and conditioning began to increase tremendously. Within 6 months I had gained 100 pounds in my back squat, 70 pounds in front squat, 100 pounds in dead lifting and the 2 mile run time decreased by a full minute.
I would like to give credit to the community of friends I have made at CrossFit Manassas also. The friendships are great and have helped me through tough times presented by life and work. The coaches have always been there to listen and provide motivation to move forward and seek another goal.
Since being with CrossFit Manassas I have gained the ability to compete in competition and place fairly well. I could never have done so without the world class coaching I receive and the support of the community of friends at CrossFit Manassas.
I would like to close with this for anyone that once stood where I was, looking to better their life and fitness. You will not find a better place to start than CrossFit Manassas. The changes and growth I have experienced have been plentiful and life changing. Being physically fit has given me better abilities to handle the many challenges of being a military and law enforcement member.”
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