Why I Work Out at CrossFit Manassas – Heather

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“I didn’t really find CrossFit, CrossFit found me. Growing up, I was involved with a lot of activities such as dance, track and gymnastics. When I went to college, I was burnt out and took a long break. When I graduated and moved to northern Virginia, I started to run again.

Being on a very tight budget, it was the only free thing I could come up with. I tried going to a gym here and there, but just could not stay motivated. After I had kids, I really got the running bug. I ran my first half marathon at the age of 38 and set the goal to run a full marathon the year I turned 40.

While training I had a lot of knee pain and finally sought medical advice. My orthopedic said I would never run that marathon. I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis at the age of 39. I went to my car and cried, hysterically. As a full-time working-mom of two, running was the one thing I did for me. I could clear my mind and I felt it made me a better mom, wife and all around person.

My son had been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Vanguard Gym for about a year when my daughter and husband gave it a go and both loved it. I knew jiu-jitsu was not for me, but while I was there with the kids, I could hear the music from CrossFit Manassas and finally went over to check it out. After talking with my husband, who made me believe I could definitely do Crossfit, I gave it a shot. I signed up for the three intro-classes and was hooked.

I loved the coaching and the variety of movements. It gave me the opportunity to have days where I felt like a superstar, and others where I knew I could do better next time. Now, I typically don’t even come when my kids do! I come to the early morning class as it suits my schedule better and I can manage a relatively consistent schedule.

CrossFit Manassas has definitely been a great fit for me. I am in great shape and stronger than I thought I could be. Instead of running that marathon at the age of 40, I competed in my first Crossfit competition just after my 41st birthday. That’s a win!”

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