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As far back as I can remember I have always been overweight. Growing up I was picked on and left out of activities because of my size. I retreated into my school work and became the smartest kid in class so that other kids in high school would want to be my friend. By my senior year of high school I topped the scales at 238 pounds and failed the school’s presidential fitness exam in gym class because I couldn’t finish the 1 mile run portion of the exam.

After high school I made the choice to attend the University of Pittsburgh for college and with that decision I also came to the conclusion that moving away from home would be the best time to make a change. Once I got to school I started slowly working out in the school’s gym, walking on the treadmill and using the elliptical. I also started cutting back on the snacks I was eating during the day. After my first year of college I had finally dropped under 200 pounds. I kept these routines up for the next four years and saw a major transformation in my cardio abilities. As a sophomore I ran my first ever 10k and two years later I ran my first half marathon. Because I had only used what I know and could find on the internet to train and loose weight, I hit a plateau around 190 pounds and felt like I wasn’t going to lose any more weight or be able to run faster or longer.

After college and a year of graduate school, I accepted a teaching job here in Manassas at Osbourn Park High School. I took this new move as an opportunity to change again. My cousin had always talked about Crossfit (and I had just attended her wedding to a guy she met at Crossfit!) so I thought I would look around my new home to find a Crossfit gym.

Walking in, I really didn’t know what to expect at all. I was greeted by Jenny with a huge smile and she explained how the introduction classes worked. I signed up and from the first class I was hooked. I left the intro class sore and tired, but I knew this was exactly what I had been looking for. At this point in my life I still had an introverted personality, but I met a friend (Steph) at the intro class and we bonded over our home state of Pennsylvania and our recent moves from Pittsburgh. I signed up after the intro classes and have never looked back.

Within a few weeks I started to learn the lingo and see amazing results. After doing my own thing for years, I had more results in a month at Crossfit than I had in four years. I felt stronger and healthier. After a few months at the gym I let the coaches know of my goal to run a full marathon in the coming months. Although they themselves may not have been the biggest running fans, every single one of them was supportive of my goal and helped me get to where I needed to be for May 3rd.

After achieving a goal I never thought possible and running my first marathon, I realized how much Crossfit had changed my life. I knew with their support I could tackle my other challenge of dieting. It has been about a month since I started my nutrition program and I cannot believe the results I have had. I have finally begun to lose substantial weight again (which hasn’t happened since my initial weight loss in college). I feel better, healthier, stronger and it has had impacts on my workouts at the gym.

Crossfit has changed my life over the past year. I have met coaches and fellow athletes that have pushed me to where I have always wanted to be. I have been supported by those around me in every goal that I set. I feel like a new person, like the athletes I always envied in school. Plus, what high school student doesn’t think its awesome that their science teacher can back squat more then they can?!


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