Running Clinic

Jenny Brannon WOD

Skill and technique work are just as important for running as any other sport. Many of us were never taught how to run. There is more to it then putting one foot in front of the other. In this clinic, Tim Czajka, will go over what correct running form is and then have attendees participate in various drills that will teach the important aspects of this running technique. He will go over the correct posture, positioning, and foot strike that should be utilized to be as efficient as possible. He will also cover:

-Proper foot wear
-Training plans, the dos and don’ts
-Proper technique and breathing
-Nutrition for longer events


Sunday September 24, 2017. Begins at 2pm and should last about 2 hours. Cost is $20 per person and is open to Members and Non-Members! You  must sign up below:

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