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When I found CrossFit Manassas (CFM) I was looking for a place to help me get back to a level of fitness I hadn’t seen in over a year (maybe longer). My cousin owns a CrossFit gym in Miami and two of my other cousins coach there, and I had seen them all significantly improve their fitness over the 12 months since they started doing cross fit. They each started at different places, and yet the results were the same – they all looked amazingly super fit, and that’s where I wanted to get. I had also joined the gym in January but had not been going so I knew I needed something that had some accountability built in.

When I first came to visit I had heard a lot about the “cult” of CrossFit and how crossfitters often got hurt, so I was a little reluctant and was looking for knowledgeable staff. My first two classes (the intros) were taught by Jenny and Blaze. To be very honest, I was relieved that they knew so much about the workouts, the body, the routines, etc. It was all a little intimidating to me, but they were so nice I wasn’t intimidated for long. Neither one of them ever made me feel like I wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the members.

When I first started coming to classes I was only coming once or twice a week. Someone in class the other day had a shirt on that said “the hardest weight you will ever lift is your ass – off the couch!”. That’s pretty much where I was when I started coming to classes. I was making a lot of excuses, but I appreciated that I could come to class and no one made me feel bad for not having been there for a few days. The coaches also answered my questions without ever making me feel like I should already know something. As I started coming to class more often I never felt like the competition athletes were the “VIPs”. I know they spend much more time at the gym and with the coaches, but I appreciated that during class, coaches focused attention on everyone and the competition athletes were not ego driven or condescending.

Beyond the community and the personal connection, being a member has several benefits. Of course the most important one is that I can see a difference in the way my body looks and I just feel better. I know my clothes are fitting better, and people have commented on how I look, so I know there is change. The other major benefit is the education. The coaches are very careful to explain proper technique and the how and why of everything we do. My favorite part of the workouts is that they are already waiting for me, I don’t have to think about what muscles to work, or how many sets to do. I like having the Beyond the White Board app because it makes it very easy to me to see my progress and set goals.

CFM’s staff is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The gym is welcoming and the workouts are hard but scalable. There are opportunities for learning and support through the online tools and the staff and even other members. They’ve created a community that goes beyond workouts.
-Lori Lorenzo

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