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From the Desk of Coach Doug

From the Desk of Coach Doug

We have three big “goings-on” coming up in January for Vanguard Gym/CrossFit Manassas. Instead of just blurting them out in my usual style, I’m going to make it fun and turn it into a “best-guess” contest.

I’m going to post three photo hints below. Each will be associated with an event. Whoever guesses closest (by my good judgement) and first (by timestamp on post) to the details of each individual event will win a prize!

Whoever is the closest on all three will win a “major award” (not a leg lamp*). VG/CFM employees are ineligible to compete for prizes.

The hints are numbered 1 – 3 and your guesses must also be numbered to correspond with each photo hint. One guess per hint, so make it your best. Post your guesses in only one of thee places:
A. Here in the comments on this post on our blog
B. In the comments on our FaceBook post
C. In the comments on our Google+ post

No other entries will be considered.
The contest closes as soon as the announcement for each corresponding event is posted here, which will take place over the next few days….

*Watch “A Christmas Story” if you don’t get the reference!

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3