Choosing a CrossFit Gym in Manassas

How should you go about choosing a CrossFit Gym in Manassas?

choosing a crossfit gym in manassas

Every gym has its own culture, personalities, and quirks. To find out which is the best choice for you, we’ve provided a suggested list of items that may help you ask the right questions.

1. What are your goals?
There are many reasons to do CrossFit. Weight-loss, fitness, competition, self-esteem, building strength, and being part of a fun community are just a few of the reasons you might join a gym. Make sure you have an idea of what your personal goals are so you can discuss them with the coaches and find out how they can help you achieve them.

2. How close do you live to the gym?
Make sure you can make it to the gym you are looking at. If it’s way out of your way on a daily basis, its going to be hard to get to!

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3. Do you already know anybody who goes to that gym?
Ask around on Facebook, check the Yelp and Google reviews and find out what people have to say about the gym, its coaches, and its community.

4. Coaches
What are their qualifications and experience like? What kind of athletes and regular folks have they worked with? How available are they to work with you?

5. Schedule
Does their schedule work with your schedule? Are there flexible class times that work for you? Do they have classes seven days a week?

6. Trial Classes
What kind of a trial or “onramp” program do they offer? How much does that cost, and what kind of a time commitment is involved.

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7. Get a Tour
Call or E-mail to set up a tour and spend some time talking to a coach about your questions and concerns.

8. Equipment and Facilities
A good gym will put money into high-quality equipment and have a top-tier facility. This shows a gym dedicated to your safety and an enjoyable training experience. Sub-standard gear becomes unsafe quickly, and negatively impacts the training experience.

9. Cleanliness
Nobody wants to work out in a dirty, unkempt gym. Take a look around and make sure they take the time and pride to keep their restrooms, exercise areas, and common areas clean.

10. Parking
Is there enough parking, all the time?

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11. Shower and Changing Areas
Do they have private shower and changing areas?

12. Talk
Talk to other members, coaches, and staff. Get a feel for the culture at that particular gym. Do you feel they will be able to support your goals best?

13. Price and Value
Don’t shortchange yourself for a couple bucks, make sure the VALUE of what you are getting has the best schedule, coaching, support, programming, location, and facilities for you and your goals.

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