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CrossFit Manassas – Competition Team – Way Forward

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In order to best prepare, recuperate from, and support the gym’s members interested in competition, we need to have a solid plan.

Preparation – Having your training peaks coincide with competitions is one of the best ways to do as well as possible at competitions and prevent overtraining or injury.

Recovery – Allowing yourself to recover from multiple workouts in one day, or even over two or more days takes time. By participating in too many events you can really run yourself down, increase your risk of injury, and decrease your over-all performance. You also want time in-between events to improve in skills, strength, speed, or in other areas.

Support – We want to have coaches available to support the team, and its always more fun to go as a big group to events.

I would like to appoint a CFM Competition Team Captain (CTC) to help organize our competitive and support efforts for the members. The CFM CTC would also act as a liaison and spokesperson for the team and work with the Head Coach to make sure the team was best supported by the gym.

I would like for the CTC to identify and work with the Comp Team members and Head Coach to select three to four events through the year that most everybody would like to participate in. We (as a team) have done enough Superfits, Tough Mudders, Mid-Atlantic Challenges, and other races and events that we should have a good idea of the events we really want to be a part of.

This will allow us to prepare for competitions together as a team with proper programming, tapers, competition prep work, and matching up team members. It will also ensure that the gym can provide coaches and any other support the teams will need.

This will not preclude members from doing other events, just please be smart about doing too many events. Please understand we cannot send coaches and provide support for a bunch of individuals at a bunch of different events happening all over the place. Some weekends we have had as many as four different events going on in different places and still have to run classes at the gym.

I feel like if we get a little more organized in our approach our already vibrant and fun Competition Team can be better prepared and really see some great improvements this coming year.

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on the matter.

Please send me your nominations for team captain by email or on FaceBook. Yes, you can self-nominate if you want to fill the position.