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When I think of Terri, what stands out first is how prepared she is. Every day that she comes in (which is at least 3 days per week at 5:30 in the morning, by the way) she is there early enough to warm up, stretch out, and to get her numbers ready for class. She is almost always the first one ready to go for the workout, whether it’s a lift or a Met Con. The second thing that stands out, is how her willingness to try whatever I tell her has made her more and more fearless. Well, I won’t say fearless; she tells me often that she is nervous about something that we’re about to do. But that doesn’t stop her. She is willing to try. And not just try, but to try and fail and try again, which is a huge part of why she continues to progress. I love to coach Terri. She is encouraging and helpful to those around her, she is relentless, and she once told me that she plans her rest days so that she never misses a day that we squat. ~ Coach Blaze

Here is more about Terri, in her own words:

Who are you?
Primarily a wife and mom. Secondarily, a mentor to youth, a nature lover, and an athlete. ☺

How did you get into CrossFit and how has it changed things in your life?
I had been a runner for many years (about 30 years give or take time off to have babies), but I wasn’t getting faster or stronger. I have friends who are members of Vanguard that kept talking to me about Crossfit. My original plan was to add Crossfit into my schedule to get better at running. I had a running related injury and had to stop running. I have found that Crossfit gives me a better overall level of fitness and I am able to run the occasional trail race with my only training being Crossfit.

As far as changing things in my life – I am stronger and able to be active with my kids. My kids range in age from 18 to 6. Because of Crossfit, I am able to play things from Frisbee and Human Stratego to monkey bars at the playground. I am able to be more of a participant than a bystander.


What benefits do you see in the real world from your time in the gym and with your CrossFit tribe?
This past November, my husband and I did a hike in which the first 2 miles were steep and rocky. I was thankful for the sled pulls we had been doing at Vanguard. Without building strength through those sled pulls, the hike would not have been so awesome.

I know that there is no way I would be able to do this without the coaches and others in the class. It is amazing how encouraging it is to be working out with the same people and seeing their progression. When one of the guys started, he wasn’t too sure about box jumps and was very conservative with his heights. He now does his box jumps at RX height. That is very cool! I recently reached a new 1 rep max for deadlift because the woman I was lifting with thought I could.

Why does coming to class matter to you?
I don’t want to enter old age frail. I want to be able to play with my future grandchildren. That is my primary motivation. When I come to class, I am always challenged and sometimes terrified by the workout. I know that the coach will have a way to scale the workout to keep it challenging yet do-able. There are some exercises that are particularly challenging for me or that I have total blown up, but the coaches encourage and give specific feedback on ways to be able to conquer that movement.

What is your favorite lift/exercise/event? Why?
My favorite lifts are front squat and clean. I also like wall balls, but they are hard. Can I give you my list of least favs? JK


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