Workouts for the Week of March 26

Douglas Esposito WOD

Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced – What Level Athlete Are You? How often do you PR? By definition Novice athletes can PR every time they repeat a workout – even if its just the next week.  If you are seeing weekly or semi-weekly gains in performance you are a Novice.  Similarly, Intermediate Athletes usually have to work for more than a month …

Workouts Week of March 19

Douglas Esposito WOD

Sunday – March 19 3 POS CN + JK – 15 min 5 RFT (25 min cutoff): 11 Archer Rows 12 DB Thrusters (45/30#) 45 DU Rest 3X12 Standing Unilateral Leg Curls Reverse Hyper Extension Monday – March 20 HSPU Skill Work BKSQ 5X5 A+B Partner Workout, 5 RFT: 17 KBS (70/55#) 10 TTB 3X12 Side Cable Lowers (neutral grip) Front …

Workouts for the Week of March 12

Douglas Esposito WOD

Sunday – March 12 BN 5X5 1k Row for time 5 RFT: 16 KBS (70/55#) 14 TTB 3X15 Lying DB Pull Downs Banded Face pulls Monday – March 13 SN Max – 20 min Can use split snatch. CNJK Max – 20 min 3X15 Standing Unilateral Leg Curls Reverse Hyper Extension Tuesday – March 14 PR 5X5 Good warm up, then: …

3.14.17 Weather Update

Jenny Brannon WOD

Due to the weather, we will be closed until 4pm on Tuesday March 14, 2017. We will make the call about evening classes as the storm progresses. Be safe!

2017 Open Team Captains – Vince Holland

Blaze Carmical WOD

One of the teams for the Open this year is a cleaning crew, and they are Vince Holland’s. Vince is a hard-worker both in and out of the gym, focused athlete, and long-time member of our team. Vince started at Vanguard Gym around eight years ago in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, and MMA programs. He first tried CrossFit around …

2017 Open Team Captains – Elliott Nembhard

Blaze Carmical WOD

Our final team for the 2017 CrossFit Open is Rage Against the Cleans, captained by Elliott Nembhard. He has been doing CrossFit for four years now and this is his third Open. “I missed my first one as I had only been doing CrossFit for two months, one of my biggest CrossFit regrets.” Elliott has since become a regular at the 11AM class, …

2017 Open Team Captains – Laura Smith

Blaze Carmical WOD

Laura Smith is the captain of the team that is “Kind of a Big Deal”. This is Laura’s second season participating in the Open, as she started doing CrossFit just after the Open in 2014, and didn’t do the workouts last year due to injury. This past year she  spent a lot of time rehabilitating her knee with consistent and focused work, …

Workouts For the Week of Feb 26, 2017

Douglas Esposito Programming, WOD

Sunday – Feb 26 DL 5@65, 70, 75, 80,85% 3 Rds: 20 Pistols or Weighted Lunges 30 CTB Pull Ups or 20 Pull Ups 70 DU Rest 1:30 3X10 Banded Flyes Side Cable Raises Monday – Feb 27 BN 5@65, 70, 75, 80,85% Test: 2k Row  4X8 Weighted GHD Hip Extensions 3X10 Front Banded Pull Downs Rev Cable Flyes Tuesday – Feb …

Workouts – Week of Feb 19th

Douglas Esposito Coach's Corner, WOD

Sunday – Feb 19 PR 3@65, 70, 75, 2@80, 85, 90, 95% A+B Partner Workout, 8 RFT: A) 10 DBSN B) 250m Row 3X12 Uni Lateral Leg Extensions Bilateral Leg Press BB Shrugs Monday – Feb 20 DL 3@65, 70, 75, 2@80, 85, 90, 95% For time: 21 Burpees 1:00 Rest 10 FRSQ @60% 14 Burpees 2:00 Rest 10 FRSQ …