Workouts – Week of Feb 19th

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Sunday – Feb 19 PR 3@65, 70, 75, 2@80, 85, 90, 95% A+B Partner Workout, 8 RFT: A) 10 DBSN B) 250m Row 3X12 Uni Lateral Leg Extensions Bilateral Leg Press BB Shrugs Monday – Feb 20 DL 3@65, 70, 75, 2@80, 85, 90, 95% For time: 21 Burpees 1:00 Rest 10 FRSQ @60% 14 Burpees 2:00 Rest 10 FRSQ …

Workouts for the Week of Feb 5 – 11

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Alright you SAVAGES! Hope you can get through a short article – videos will be back next week! Lots of people struggle with, talk about, and seek an effective work-life balance. I was reading a short article on the habits of people who have achieved a work-life balance recently that can be found HERE Its a great article and it …

Workouts For Jan 22-28

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5X5’s are magical! The 5 W’s and H of 5X5’s What are 5X5’s? 5 sets of 5 reps. Who should do 5X5’s? Beginners, people coming off an injury or break from exercise, anybody not sure of their numbers or percentages. When should we do 5X5’s? On the basic compound movements such as the Squat (and SQ Variations), Deadlift, Bench, Press, …

Workouts for January 15 – 21

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NEW CYCLE – Watch the video to learn; the purpose of the next training cycle; the difference between power, strength, hypertrophy, and muscular endurance; and for a pop quiz…. Oh, and there are some programming notes in there for you as well. SUNDAY JANUARY 15 Set Up two Bars and Share/Spot: On the 4 min Interval DL 5X5 @ 65, …

Workouts for January 8 – 14

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Training VS. Testing Article By James Fitzgerald (OPT) Sunday 8 Jan BN Max – 15 min – Test 5X for time – Training 17 Med Ball CN 48 DU only rest in-between each round if necessary 3X15 GHD Sit Ups and Extensions 3X10 DB Triceps Kickbacks Cable Flyes Wrist Flexion Monday 9 Jan 7X1 W/Pull Ups and Dips for a …

January Events Contest

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We have three big “goings-on” coming up in January for Vanguard Gym/CrossFit Manassas. Instead of just blurting them out in my usual style, I’m going to make it fun and turn it into a “best-guess” contest. I’m going to post three photo hints below. Each will be associated with an event. Whoever guesses closest (by my good judgement) and first …

How to Approach One Rep Max Days

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Do us a favor and follow us on youTube if you haven’t yet!! A.  You won’t PR all the time. New athlete’s get spoiled. They PR all the freakin’ time! After six months to a year, the regularity of PRs slow down. After two years or more it’s a regular battle to keep pushing forward. After three years it feels …

CFM Competition Team

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CrossFit Manassas – Competition Team – Way Forward   In order to best prepare, recuperate from, and support the gym’s members interested in competition, we need to have a solid plan. Preparation – Having your training peaks coincide with competitions is one of the best ways to do as well as possible at competitions and prevent overtraining or injury. Recovery …

Tony Koens Q&A Video

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Tony Koens Q&A from Vanguard Gym on Vimeo. Tony Koens from Timberwolf CrossFit shares how he and his team made it to the games and took fourth place in 2014. The video and audio are not pro quality – this was shot for those who couldn’t make it to the Q&A.