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Who are you? Are you a mother, father, firefighter, Soldier?
I am Andrew Green from Manassas, VA. I am a son and a brother and could not ask for a better family.

How did you get into CrossFit and how has it changed things in your life?
I used to just be your typical “gym-goer” doing the same routine for 2 years with very little consistency and far fewer results. I had not done any squatting or leg exercises since 2011. I had heard about what CrossFit was through rumors and people who actually knew very little about it, so it did not interest me at first. My sister started doing CrossFit and told me about it and showed me some of the stuff they did in her class. I was shocked that I could not do half of the exercises and movements as prescribed. That got me interested because of the challenge. CrossFit has helped me to start setting goals not only in the gym but also at work and in life.


What benefits do you see in the real world from your time in the gym and with your CrossFit tribe?
Overall I feel a lot better than I did when I started the year. I have only been doing this for about 2 months and I do not feel sluggish through the day.


Why does coming to class matter to you?
It works best for me to come to class at 5:30am. Coming to that class matters to me because I feel working out in the morning starts your day off right. I like coming in and working with the energetic coaches and other athletes who have dragged themselves out of bed to be their working just as hard I as am to achieve their goals.

What is your favorite lift/exercise/event? Why?
I like the Met Cons because they are always challenging and there is never an easy one. I do like my powerlifts though.


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