Amazing fundraising efforts raise $7,570!

Douglas Esposito Goals and PRs, News

After the 2012 Barbells for Boobs event, CrossFit Manassas explored the potential for an increase in funds raised in our philanthropic event where in the first year we raised $4,305. All of the proceeds are provided to Barbells for Boobs. Due to the sustained support from the CrossFit Manassas community, the participating members had amazing fundraising efforts to reach an incredible $7,570 for 2013.

The efforts of the participating members have been magnificent and most have also exceeded their individual fundraising targets. One participant, David Kirlin, encouraged donations by agreeing to add one pink item to his wardrobe for the meet per contributions. Two additional members, Alicia Burns & Taylor Rempe, have raised $1,250 and $1,240 respectively.


We have already begun to think about 2014. Next year’s main objective will be to increase the number of participating members. It would be great to hit 40 participants in 2014. If we can increase the number of participating fundraisers, we should be able to again reach and surpass our financial goal!

On a final note, while our event, an Olympic Weightlifting style meet, may sound a bit overwhelming and stressful to some. We believe that our event focuses on the fact that any one of our athletes can get up on that platform and move some weight. Whether you attempt 20 kilos or 200 kilos. We hope each of you will have the confidence and wherewithal to participate in 2014!



Happy New Year and Thank You!