Scott Marsckhe – Always Smiling

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Even after AirDyne sprints… how is he always smiling?


Scott and I have pretty much the same conversation after he finishes every workout:

“How you feelin, Scott?” … “Like a million dollars, Blaze. Like a million dollars.”

You might find that unlikely, if you’ve ever done your own hard workout or just laid down at the end of some crazy MetCon, but somehow Scott makes you believe it. He makes sure to help people put gear away, tell everyone good job, rib his friends just a little, and through it all he is always smiling.

Scott has been doing CrossFit for about three years now, and when I asked him how he got into it, he laughed and said, “Slowly.” He was looking for some different types of people to be around, people who wanted to work hard and play hard, and was immediately drawn to the atmosphere of CrossFit Manassas. He was tired of working out by himself, and now loves that he gets a good workout in and has a good time doing it.

400m sprints - He might not be smiling in this one.

400m sprints – He might not be smiling in this one.

Make no mistake, however – Scott is dedicated. In the picture above, he was the only person to be at a 5:30 AM class (which is his usual time, at least 3 times per week), even with the running that was on the workout that day. He likes to joke around, but almost every day takes the time to ask me about the technique of the movements we are doing, and how he can do them better.

Scott, I love to see that you have started to focus more on the quality of what you do. Your patience and willingness to be coached are things that set you apart, and will take you far as an athlete and as a person. I love that through your growth here in the gym, you have also developed lasting friendships with the people around you. You’re the one who keeps us laughing at 6:00 in the morning, when the sun hasn’t come up yet and everybody knows we have to do 1,000 burpees before class is over. Thank you so much for your encouragement, your positive attitude, and for always smiling.