Accountability Coaching

Do you find it easy to skip workouts or choose things you know you shouldn’t be eating because no one is holding you accountable? Our accountability coaches work with you to identify, stick with, and achieve your goals.

As an accountability coaching member you can expect the following:
– Initial private mobility and performance baseline assessments.
– Goal identification, setting, and tracking
– Monthly check in with measurements and progress photos
– Weekly goal, workout, and attendance accountability
– Basic Nutrition, identify the correct macro-nutrient breakdown and meal timing for your goals
– Access to our basic nutrition lecture

The Accountability Coaching package is an additional $50 a month.

Accountability Coaching is not Personal or Private Training, but we do have that available here.
If you require meal plans or detailed nutritional information for contest preparation or other specialty event we also have dedicated nutritional coaching available here.

Want to sit down, discuss your goals, and decide what way forward is best for you with the guidance of one of our professional coaches? No-pressure, no hassle, no sweat; just great advice to help get you started on your journey.

No Sweat Intro FREE
Are you an experienced CrossFitter or have an extensive athletic background? Get started for $19.99. This includes 3 classes. These classes are a great way for you to experience our great community, learn from our experienced coaches, as well as experience how classes function. Click below to sign up now!

Three-Class Trial $19.99
Always wanted to try CrossFit and experience its amazing fitness benefits, but too nervous to jump right in? We have a six-week fundamentals program that you can try with no obligations to see if it is a good fit for you and your goals!

6-Week Fundamentals

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