2017 Vanguard Games – Event 3

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2017 VG Games Scorecard Event 3

EVENT 3 – “Fire-Team Formation”

Time: Starts at Noon
Teams of four – any MF configuration
Four Firebases – each approximately 250m away from each other.
You will have a mission to accomplish at each station.
You will be given a time hack to meet for each station. You must complete all your reps and make movement (run) to the next firebase when time starts. You cannot begin at a firebase until all four members of the fireteam are there and you have reached the correct time hack. If you are late you lose that time.
Winner is the team with the most points.

1. Firebase Push Up
Start Time against a running clock: 00:00
Mission: Fire Team Push Ups – AMRAP –
Description: Form a square with four people with their feet up on their teammates backs. Perform push ups in unison with nothing but all members hands touching the ground at the top of the movement.
Scoring: One point for each Fireteam pushup completed to standard.
Movement Standards: Chests must all begin on the ground and then end at the top of the movement with arms locked out – judge will issue the down command when the rep has been counted.
RX’d Fireteam push ups
Scaled fire team plank – 1 point for every 5 sec

2. Firebase Wall
Start Time against a running clock: 04:00
Mission: Get all members of the fireteam over the wall safely AMRAP
Scoring: One point for every person over the wall, every person must go over the wall before anybody repeats. Feet must be on the ground for the Rep to count.
RX’d men – 8’ wall
Rx’d women – 6’ wall
Scaled men – 6’ wall
Scaled women – 6’ wall with a 12” box

3. Firebase Lunge
Start Time against a running clock: 08:00
Mission: AMRAP Fire-Team Lunges
Description: All four members must stay in contact with their arms around each other’s’ shoulders and perform unison lunges.
Scoring: 1 point for every 5 lunges
Movement Standards: All four knees must be in contact with the ground at the same time. Judge will count.
Rx’d and Scaled are the same for this firebase.

4. Firebase Tire
Start Time against a running clock: 12:00
Mission: 2 min AMRAP Team Tire Flips
Description: The fireteam has 2 min to accumulate as many tire flips as possible in 2 min
Scoring: 1 point per tire flip
Movement Standards: Tire must start flat on the ground and be flipped 180 degrees by as many or few of the athletes on the fireteam as needed. Tire must stay inside designated area.
RX’d – 800 lb tire
Scaled – 500 lb tire