2017 Open Team Captains – Holly Tousha

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Holly is the captain of the well-rounded yet misunderstood “Cash Me at the Gym” team for our 2017 Intramural Open season. As a wife, mother, teacher, and athlete, she is having fun this year balancing the different aspects of her life so that she can be well, have fun, and do what matters to her. Holly is a wife to Noble (sometimes Al), a mother to Noble (the III) and Janelle, and teaches Physical Education, Health, and Drivers Ed at Brentsville High School. She does all of this while making time to be both a competitive athlete and a helpful teammate here at CrossFit Manassas. She is not afraid to turn it up for a hard workout, but you can almost always find Holly sticking around after class to help someone work on a gymnastics skill like kipping, handstand push ups, or muscle ups.

Holly has been doing CrossFit since 2012, and this is her fourth Open. When I asked her what she hoped to see in the Open this year, she said “…handstand push ups and double unders… anything but a thruster!” And how is her team doing? “I’m a proud team leader so far. [I want us to] have fun and support each other. So far so good.”