2016 CrossFit Open Draft

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Last night’s draft began with the 2015 captain’s making an appearance to “Pass the Torch” (aka the Pimp Cup).

We are proud to announce the teams for the 2016 CrossFit Manassas Intramural Open!





Jason M.Katie B.Derek Y.Robert N.
Bryan D.Jim T.Dawn M.Kim B.
Tara T.Amber M.Alison R.Tarren S.
Mitchell C.Steph R.Holly T.Vinicent H.
Mike N.Tim C.Melvin M.Blaze C.
Nicole S.Ryan T.Jenny B.Julia J.
Deb V.Sue R.Kelly S.Brenda C.
Cesar G.Elliott N.Dan C.Amir B.
Carlos G.Will F.Jose G.Oscar B.
Josh C.Lori L.Ellen G.Victoria C.
Carole C.Kathy P.Kris E.Joan P.
Shawn L.Joe R.Joe W.Dave F.
Beth R.Maggie G.Eileen H.Tina W.
Rob B.Tanya R.Jason P.Jane Q.
Andrea K.Alden R.Amanda N.Taylor R.
Amanda C.Erin G.Nelson R.Amanda T.
Jamie C.Jess B.Scott M.Shannon C.
Rusty M.Chris N.

If you have not yet registered, don’t worry. You should still register and we will assign you to a team! Please visit http://games.crossfit.com to join the FUN!

Intramural Team T-shirts are now available on ZenPlanner. Click HERE to order! Orders are  due by Thursday, February 11th! Please see your Facebook group or talk to your team Captain about the designs. The colors are shown below.

2016 Intramural Team Colors