We've been making self improvement a team sport since 2007.  Come by and see what CrossFit Manassas can do for your fitness, confidence, and quality of life!

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Scoured our website and can’t find the information you are looking for?  Send us your question(s) with our secure form and we will call or e-mail you back with the answer to your questions. Please call or e-mail to schedule a tour of the gym.  We are happy to accommodate you if you just “pop-in”, but we can give you our full and undivided attention if we know when you’re arriving.

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For $19.99 you are entitled to the two Foundations classes and one regularly scheduled Group class. The group class is a great way for you to experience the great community here, as well as how a class functions. Click here for to sign up now!

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Members register for your spot in class HERE! We want all of our members to be active participants and take full advantage of the wonderful class times available. Online registration makes it easy to quickly check days and times, as well as sign up as soon as you decide which class is right for you.

CrossFit Manassas

Whether you want to burn fat, gain strength or increase your conditioning, our program can meet your needs. CrossFit™ is one of the world’s fastest growing ways to get in shape as it challenges all of your major muscle groups while you run, jump, squat, press, pull and push. We are the originial CrossFit™ gym in Manassas, founded in 2007. Our highly-trained & experienced instructors and group training atmosphere will get you the results you’ve been looking for!

Our Clients Say it Best
  • I had been crossfitting by myself for 5 years before I found crossfit manassas. Stepping foot into the gym changed my perspective on programming and the community itself. Coach Doug has spent the time and effort into researching and writing some of the best program I have had the opportunity to follow. And I have had the chance to meet and make some great friends in the process. I cannot recommend Crossfit Manassas enough!
    –Josh Desmond

  • I am a current CrossFit Coach at CrossFit Blacksburg, I attend CrossFit Manassas when I am home visiting family. This is what I have to say about it: Doug and his staff are constant professionals. They are in this business for the right reason, which is, to positively change lives for the better. Great camaraderie, great coaches, great energy. There is never a moment of, "Oh, you can't do this WOD." It is a moment of, "Here is how you are going to scale." EVERYONE can workout here, and their life WILL be changed for the better. Listen to Coach Doug and his staff, they know what they're doing.–Ben Lehmer - CrossFit Blacksburg

  • I started here in February of 2012, and I absolutely love it here. I've seen gains in all my lifts and my endurance has gotten better too. I've been to some other crossfit gyms around the country/world and this facility is hands down one of the very best I've ever been too!!!! The scheduling and programming are fantastic. And the staff is top notch. The members here are great as well, its like a second family. Awesome place to train and to meet like minded people whom have the same goals and enjoy supporting each other!–Jody Heitman

  • I joined up about a month ago as someone who was new to CrossFit. I was pretty nervous because I had never done any routine outside of a "normal" gym. All those fears dissolved as soon as I started the beginners class. The coaches are extremely friendly and go out of their way every class to make sure you are getting your moves down correctly. There is also no judgement for those of us who need some initial scaling before we can go full force. They answer all my questions, even if I think they are a bit silly. In just the first month I have noticed changes in my body and I have become stronger. I still have a lot of work to do but I know that CrossFit Manassas will be there to help me along the way.–Andrea Andre